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The Student Wellness Commission was added to UCLA’s Undergraduate Students Association Council in 1964 to focus on health education, student advocacy, and holistic well-being. With 12 committees, SWC covers a wide range of important topics such as sexual health, physical wellness, and mental illness. Our programs range from health symposiums to Bruin Plaza fairs to an annual 5K race, and we proactively push for actionable change on this campus.

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The Committees.

Active Minds

Active Minds (UCLA Chapter) is a national organization which aims to educate students on UCLA’s campus and the surrounding Los Angeles community of the importance of advocating for mental health, awareness of the stigma associated with mental illness, and taking action against suicide. We provide information on resources for those that suffer from mental health issues and for those who support others who suffer.

Bruin Consent Coalition

Bruin Consent Coalition will be focusing its efforts on the education, awareness, and prevention of sexual violence on campus and in our community. Our first and foremost purpose is to help those who have experienced sexual violence. We will continue advocacy by working to change campus and state policies to better support Bruin survivors, creating a more comprehensive guide of victim or survivor resources on campus and in the L.A. area, improving the treatment of victims or survivors by different campus entities like UCPD, and more. We will continue activism through various art projects and campaigns. We will create safe spaces for survivors, such as hosting survivor speak outs.


As the worlds population continues to grow and put a strain on our environment, it is more important now than ever before to be cautious and careful about the environmental impact we have in our communities. The consequences of degrading environmental health directly relates the personal health and wellness and SWC EARTH addresses several topics that are important to the health of not only the student body, but the UCLA campus and the Westwood community as a whole.


Sexperts’ primary goal is to promote the open discussion and education regarding gender identity, health, sexual health, and the eradication of gender-based violence. We hope that through the use of workshops, panels, and various other activities and presentations, Sexperts will be able to effectively and dynamically engage the campus in realizing the importance of discussing such topics and practicing habits that promote equality, safety, and health.


The mission of BruiNecessities Committee lies in the belief that student success is dependent on student wellness. It looks to support UCLA by raising awareness to the lack of basic resources available on campus and seeks to fill these gaps by working with different entities on campus to bring programs and services to students. BN was initiated from two disparate and unaddressed needs on campus– the service of free menstrual hygiene products on campus and free oral health screenings– but the committee’s reach goes beyond these areas in addressing hygiene, food insecurity, and more. BN links students to relevant off campus entities and advocates on their behalf in basic needs as well.

Bruin Run/Walk

Bruin Run/Walk is responsible for putting on one of the biggest student-run events on campus every year: a 5k event in the spring that benefits the Chase Child Life Program at the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA. It brings together students, faculty and members of the greater LA community to benefit the children’s hospital. There will be live performances, free food and giveaways.

Health, Nutrition, & Fitness

HNF’s mission is to put on events that promote overall health and wellness by teaching students how best to balance a healthy diet and exercise regimen amidst their hectic college schedule. Because HNF is run completely by students, we know how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle while juggling the requirements of college life. Part of our goal is to expose and connect students to the various fitness instructors, health services and nutrition/fitness groups offered on campus in order to make it easier for students to practice and adopt healthy habits that will benefit them throughout their tenure at UCLA.

Student Health Advocates

The SHA program has been a part of the University of California, Los Angeles experience since 1974 and is one of many organizations on campus that contributes to the increased quality and comfort of campus life. The SHA program encourages students to develop a healthy lifestyle and educates students on well-being. The SHA program is under the umbrella organization of the Student Welfare Commission (SWC) and works in conjunction with the Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center, putting on health programs in the residence halls on topics concerning stress, communication, relationships, alcohol safety, and body image.

Body Image Task Force

The Body Image Task Force aims to help UCLA students cultivate healthy and positive body images. Our programs address various causes of and topics relating to poor body image such as eating disorders, peer and media influences, health and nutrition, and the relationship between body image and mental health. Through our programs, we hope every student on UCLA’s campus not only accepts but celebrates their bodies.

CPR and First Aid

CPR and First Aid are potentially life saving skills that can be learned in as little as four hours. Our committee works to provide for both UCLA students and surrounding community members the opporunity to learn these essential skills at a reduced cost. With American Heart Association certified instructors chosen from the undergraduate population at UCLA working in conjunction with the nearby Center for Pre-hospital Care, we strive to provide top-quality, low-cost certification.


SEARCH stands for Student Education and Research of Contemporary Health. We are the committee that is committed to ensuring all information that reaches the student body is relevant and factual. Our dedicated and enthusiastic members are excited to bring you credible research on contemporary issues and provide methods of maintaining a social, mental, and physical balance in your college lifestyle.

Total Wellness Magazine

Total Wellness is a division of the Student Wellness Commission that is dedicated to spreading awareness of and sharing knowledge on issues of student health and health care through quarterly magazine publications. By providing an understanding of health and lifestyle issues, elucidating health concepts, providing recommendations for physical, mental, and social well-being, and making visible and accessible various health resources, programs, and events occurring at UCLA. Total Wellness seeks to empower students with up-to-date and accurate knowledge on the appropriate management of their health.

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