our story.

The Student Wellness Commission was added to UCLA’s Undergraduate Student Association council in 1964 to focus on health education, student advocacy, and holistic well being. With 12 committees, SWC covers a wide range of important topics such as sexual health, physical wellness, and mental illness. Our programs range from health symposiums to Bruin Plaza fairs to an annual 5K race, and we proactively push for actionable change on this campus.


our mission.

We, the Student Wellness Commission, affirm that student well-being goes hand-in-hand with both physical and psychological health as well as academic success, and well-roundedness. Therefore, we tend to the needs of undergraduate students in these areas. In this way, SWC promotes the holistic well-being of the student body. Through our diverse programs and projects, we address issues concerning the students’ physical and mental health, campus safety, academic success, retention, and awareness about issues and philanthropy as we give the students the opportunity to take part in programs that benefit certain non-profit organizations related to UCLA or other non-UCLA organizations related to improving health and well-being of others.